Personal Art Lessons



I offer personal art lessons in a range of techniques and with a focus on Drawing and Painting Fundamentals. Below are the main formats for personal lessons:


Basic Art Training – this type of lesson is all about building visual skills. Drawing and painting fundamentals cover a range of subjects including basic drawing, landscape and urban sketching, figure drawing, portraits, understanding textures/surfaces, color theory, creative strategies, watercolor, acrylic, oil, and digital painting. I will design unique personal lessons to take into account your strengths and artistic vision. No previous experience is necessary and I am open to teaching all ages. I have taught hundreds of students of all ages with a wide range of experiences.

The Personal Project – this type of lesson focuses on developing personal, meaningful pieces that you wish to create. I will provide demonstrations that show possible ways to achieve a technical effect as well as processes that fit your artistic sense.  We will also explore how to acquire good reference material, preparatory research, and warm-ups. I will also prepare art historical slideshows of relevant artists.

I charge $70/hr and less per person for group rates. Please contact me at for details or if you have any questions!