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The Great Project and Bombed Landscape

These are a couple recent drawings that express my current focuses: spaceships, man made landscapes, and epic cosmic events.  My favorite of the two is the top one (The Great Project).  To me this hiker/traveler has just topped a ridge next to a giant tree and is witnessing a huge cloud formation with a fighter jet racing out of its epicenter.  A nuclear blast? Portal? Sideways hurricane?

Yasma Runnion, Corellian/Echani, Female, Starfighter

This is an oil painting I did of Yasma Runnion for a charity competition.  Details on who she is can be found here at the Star Wars: Darkness and Light forum.  Because oil paint is always better in person I’ve included some details:

My thoughts are that she’s just been shot down by friendly fire, but of course lives to tell the tale.

Stone Tipped Arrows, Shredocalypse, and Morning Coffee

These are some recent drawings I’ve done.  Lately I’ve noticed a drawing deficit of over 300% in my lifestyle.  There is urgent need to change this trend and to begin turning a surplus I have had some fun doing these quick drawings.