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Heap Hill View

Up the road from me is a weird municipal dump site.  Its small and has odd parts of water drainage pieces and various heaps of gravel and dirt.  There is a place I can climb up to that overlooks the Heap Hill as well as across the State College valley.  I love sitting up here painting for the view, but also for the number of characters that drive up to the Heap.  Some just park their car and look out at the view. Others take several hours to shovel a small amount of gravel into their truck, while taking cigarette breaks every 5 minutes; relaxing and soaking in the sun. And municipal workers who look up and wonder at the crazy person hiding up in the forest above them painting?


Heap Hill Landscape Painting

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Nittany Sunset

Today was a plein aire day for me, but it turned into a studio day.  Earlier this morning I struggled through a painting outside.  When I was half way I surrendered to the cold, packed up and went home.  I was discouraged.  After starting a fire, readying some coffee, and turning on some tunes I began a studio piece.  This is from a photograph I took earlier in the week of a sunset on Mount Nittany in Lemont Pennsylvania.  I really enjoyed working on it with a relaxed approach.  16″x16″ Oil on canvas:

Mount Nittany Sunset

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Freshly Painted – Winter Landscapes

I’ve started up the plein aire season this spring, even in the midst of very non-spring-like conditions.  A couple 4x4s from the last couple days in oil.  They are also available for purchase in my Etsy Store: and

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Road Trip through the Midwest

Just got back from a wonderful excursion.  We traveled from central Pennsylvania to Kenosha, Milwaukee, Madison, and Minneapolis.  Then back down through all of those places again seeing friends, family, and the wonderful terrain that is the Midwest.  Among the art projects I brought with me I snuck in some plein air painting.  The last three were done in the car while my partner was at the wheel. Quite a thrill!

Midwest Road Trip

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