Upcoming Winter Events

Blind Contour DrawingIn early December I will be bombarding the town of Lemont with some of my latest artworks. The attacks will be simultaneous and occur at two locations: The Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania gallery and The Granary. See details below:

Art Alliance Holiday and Wreath Sale:

Hours: Friday & Sunday (Dec 2nd & 4th)   1 – 4 pm; Saturday (Dec 3rd) 10 am – 5 pm
Evening Reception: Friday (Dec 2nd)  7 – 9 pm
824 Pike Street in Lemont, PA, 16851

Plein Air pennsylvaniaLemont Granary Art Show:

Hours:  Friday (Dec 2nd) 5 – 8pm; Saturday (Dec 3rd) 11 – 5pm
A block or so up Mount Nittany Rd.


Painting Pennsylvania

Do you ever get the urge to get up and just start running?  It hits like a flash and then the power is there. Thats how its been the past couple days. This time though I’m running with paint. I was lucky enough that a friend gave me a Plein Air French Easel when I left Milwaukee. Beginning yesterday I set up outside and just painted. Thats all, and it was great.

painting pennsylvania

For the past two weeks I’ve been sick with a combination of cold and Lyme disease. Finding the tick in my side explained the fatigue and aching all over. With approaching commission deadlines it was no fun. With antibiotics I feel invincible. An invisible euphoria now drives my soul.  I’m hooked on Plein Air. I can’t wait to paint all of Pennsylvania!