Roxanne Jackson – “Fangs and Fur” Exhibition in Berlin – Make a Pledge

This will be my third post on Roxanne Jackson.  The first was a result of shock and awe.  The curator at the gallery I work at showed me her website and while my jaw was dropping and eyes widening I formulated what images I wanted to pull for a post on her work.  Its gory, beautiful, brutal, soft, animal, and human.  Eventually she had a show at our gallery that is where the second post came from.

Roxanne has been invited as a resident artist at the Zentrum fur Keramik (the Ceramic Center) of Berlin.  She needs us to help out by making a pledge to support some of the costs of the trip.  I’m happy to say I’ve made a pledge and hope that you do too. Take a look at what she is offering for pledges and learn more about her here. Having met Roxanne personally and worked with her during the installation I have found her to be a dedicated and inspirational artist.  Take a look, think about it, and help a strong artist out!

Weekly IMG [1] – The Shore II

Weekly IMG is new. Every Tuesday there will be a new image here. Hope you enjoy:


Believe me this is not digital. A big part of this work was about layers and I had a good time laying lots of heavy layers of galkyd, linseed oil, stand oil, occasionally damar varnish,  and very little turpinoid.  Even though the surface remained mostly the same inside the inner layers rivers of pigment started to flow.  These still wet paints and mediums were still dripping and shifting inside the painting.  Its much better in person because it is actually 90″ wide and the heavy glazes capture  the light and make an interesting effect.

Upcoming Shows x3

Lately I’ve been having a blast working on a secret book project (one of two) and prepping for several shows I have opening this week.  This is a flurry of exhibits, but I hope you can make it to one of them!  Some of my newest works will be displayed at St. Johns on the Lake (a series of intaglio prints) and my latest painting at Studio 420B for the duration of Gallery Night.

Studio 420b – Gallery Night [Located on the corner of 1st and Florida]
Friday, July 23rd 5pm – Until

St. John’s on the Lake, Uihlein Peters Gallery July 23 – September 6 [1840 North Prospect Ave.]

Faux Show – When Looks Deceive at the Jazz Gallery [926 E. Center St.]
July 23rd – August 21st
Gallery Night Opening July 23rd from 7-10pm!

Calmer Mind and Larger Images

Milwaukee Sunrise - 7:30 AM - 10 Degrees - 2007

My first goal as an artist straight out of college is to pay back that debt.  My father always told me that a man isn’t free if he is in debt and its true.  There are places I want to travel, things I’d like to experience, but can’t because I have little money and a lot of debt.  If I had little money and no debt that would be a different story. Working several jobs has allowed me to start paying back borrowed funds and focus on artwork as a joy and not a marketable product (although I fully intend to market it once it is produced).

I came back from Madison my mind a little dazed from all the smoke and drink, but energized by all the things set in motion.  I’m working on several projects which I cannot discus here, but will reveal later.  Also, for those who are used to my daily posting of images I am sorry to disappoint.   I’ve been working on art more than usual, but have little time left with all my other jobs to post anything.  There will come a day though…

ALSO.  I’m really digging wordpress 3.0 which is the CMS I’ve built my site from and FlickrGallery (the plugin I display my images with) is now capable of making images as big as your screen’s resolution allows.  Its slightly slower, but totally worth it. YES.