Visual Hierarchy at the Jackpot Gallery April 2nd – 15th

This is my first solo show coming up this Friday.  I would love to have you there!  There will be food, beverages, and Art.  Here is a description of the show:

Visual Hierarchy is an online image archive containing work made by Sean Bodley.  In this show are a variety of images selected from the archive.  Through pen and paint the subject matter spans from landscape to post-apocalyptic Dark Age, from science fiction to urban agriculture, from cartography to digital culture.

Pixma Pro 9000

Just yesterday the Pixma Pro 9000 entered my house and my life has been better ever since.  Not really, but I’m really digging this machine.  The prints are very high quality and there is so much potential for customized printing!  I’ve just started uploading works to my Etsy Store where affordable prints are now available.

The quality of these prints are outstanding on the right kind of paper.  I went in on this printer with several other artists and we tested some papers.  We found that the heavier weight Stonehege fine art paper bled when used in this machine.  Smoother papers provided crisper prints, perhaps because they are less absorbent.

Dye based inks are used in this printer, which while less durable than pigment based inks still last up to 100 years. Fine by me.  Also this printer was VERY affordable.  Searching online for different prices we found the printer PLUS all 8 ink cartridges for $320 as opposed to other places charging up to $450 for the same thing.  Splitting the cost between several artists was another big bonus because it allows us all the ability to sell work online and pay for life.

Fred Bell – Milwaukee Painter

I saw a show several months back at the Portrait Society with some work by a local artist Fred Bell.  Playfulness, color, and energy are things I love in paintings and Bell has plenty of that.  Here is what I saw at the Portrait Society.  I’m drawn to the variety of expressions he captures:

You can check out more of Fred’s work at his blog here.


This painting was documented and that footage was transformed into this video.  My goal is to show some of the behind the scenes processes of making a painting as well as the transformations that can take place in an artwork.

The song “Bitter Suite” by MoPetto was used in this video. Check out more MoPetto Here.

UWM Union Atrium – Jason Lanka

Jason Lanka’s massive drawings and photos are now on display in the Atrium space in the Union.  They will be up for several weeks.  Here are some images of his work and some information about his work.

Boundary; something that marks or fixes a limit (as of territory). The line that divides one area of land from another.

The space at which our culture comes in contact with the environment inspires my creative work. Much can be understood about the nature of how our society defines its role and place within the natural world by the observation of this boundary.
I seek to address the demarcation of our species’ relationship with the land. Am I of the land or in the land? Each piece made within a lineage of exploration has set out to answer this question. Our identity as people and a nation are so often defined by our place within our environment and how we view our relationship with the natural world.