Daily Img X

The end of spring semester has arrived and my free time has skyrocketed.  Art production has shrunk.  This is the time when I should be taking advantage of extra time to boost Guardians of Gaia and other projects forward (or around?).

The Daily Img series has been great, but I’m stopping (for awhile?)  simply because I have no more work to put up consistantly.  Its made me realize that the time I spend editing/sizing images, uploading, and posting could be used to make more and better artwork.  So, over this break its going to be thin on posts, but strong for work.

Its hibernation time. A friend of mine got me a sketchbook for Christmas.  My goal is to fill every page by the time next semester starts.  Ready. Set. Workcreateimaginehavefunplayexplore.

Daily Img 56 – Torrent

Many pirates of today are polar opposites to those in the 17th century. Namely most of them are landlubbering scoundrels who sit in front of computers too much. The morality of Torrenting is something I still debate with myself, but there is no doubt that legal and illegal torrents have helped spread a wealth of knowledge, art, and tools to those who would not otherwise have them. The question then becomes, what happens when no one is paid to produce the goods and services which will be pirated next.

Click for a better image:


Torrent Tunnel