Ouroborous EP – Mr. Squirrel

Minimal. Electric. Downtempo.  Smooth.  All up in your face sexification.  To me these words accurately represent Mr. Squirrel’s latest EP: Ouroborous.  It came out earlier this year and I was hooked instantly.  To me this EP represents a solidification and strengthening of Mr. Squirrel’s style and musical capabilities.

The Ouroborous EPcover art by Katie Drake

Anyone interested in new cutting edge electronica I would suggest you purchase some of his music for a very reasonable price here.  Listen below and Enjoy.

The Ouroboros EP by Mr. Squirrel

Bacia Edelman

Artwork often outlives the artist.  A friend of my grandmother, Bacia Edelman, passed away recently.  My grandmother always talked about how wonderful she (and her art) was and how I had to meet her someday.  Well she is gone now, but her artwork lives on.  Here is a link to a more complete show of her work, and here are some of my favorites:

Resize of P9030037

The Liquification of clay is amazing.


UWM Union Art Gallery: Movimientos

New show, coming up fast:

Movimientos: Two Generations of Chicana Artists

Opening Reception: Thursday Sept. 24, 5-8

Gallery Talk with Favianna Rodriguez:
Friday, Sept 25 4pm

In this group exhibition, contemporary artists
representing two generations of Chicana feminist
artists will exhibit an array of work that reflects pride
in their Mexican heritage as well as patterns of racial
inequality in the United States for Mexican Americans.
Exhibiting prints, paintings and installation, these
artists open dialogues about sexism, racism,
homophobia, and poverty as interlinked issues for
women of Mexican descent in the US. These Chicana
artist-activists participated in or grew out of the
Chicano movimiento of the 1960s and 70s which
sought to define a cultural and political identity for
Americans of Mexican descent.

The first generation is represented by
Ester Hernandez and the second by
Favianna Rodriguez and Melanie Cervantes.

Urban Agriculture Drawings

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading on consumerism, the environment, and agriculture of late.  My studio classes this semester are pretty research oriented and I’m really digging it.  I love learning about “non-art” subjects and making them into art.  Here are some sketches just laying some ideas about.

Vertical Farms (Garage)_Small

fields and cranes_small

Some questions I have been asking are: Can the earth sustain humankind’s growth?  What are some ways to increase the efficiency of agriculture in an Urban context?  How do our manufactured environments effect us?

Manufactured Landscapes: Edward Burtynsky


We watched the documentary Manufactured Landscapes today in class.  From the opening shot until the end is a mesmirizing display of humankind’s ability to change the landscape.  The subject of the documentary is photographer Edward Burtynsky.  The artful filming and Burtynsky’s stellar photography work very well to capture these massive landscapes.  Definitley worth checking out if you are interested in commercialism, nature, industry, or just want to see some photography unlike anything you’ve seen before.


Labor Day Beat Down

Today in Milwaukee were Labor Day celebrations including a parade, festival, and awesome weather. This is only a small chunk from a longer performance, but it was inspirational to see and hear such good percussion coming from these youths. These 6th – 9th graders are part of the drumcore of The Band of Southshore. Here is how they rock out:

Benoit Aquin: The Chinese Dustbowl

Benoit Aquin is a photographer from Montreal whose Chinese Dustbowl photos are stunning both visually and in their environmental subject matter.  According to his website 25% of desertification in China is man made.  Below are some of my favorites this series.  Also I’d like to thank the Groundswell Collective Blog for introducing this artist to me.

Benoit Aquin_04

Benoit Aquin_01

Benoit Aquin_02

Benoit Aquin_03

Issues in Contemporary Art, How To Win, and Carrotmob

Issues in Contemporary [309] art is a class that I enjoyed so much last semester that I’m taking it again this semester.  The obscure artists, wonderful art projects, and inspirational content drives me mad.  On a blog binge related to class I stumbled across yet another Steve Lambert (also here.) website/blog called How To Win.  The site is all about an artists’ success, what that is, what it means, and how some artist have achieved it.   The other leader on the project is Stephen Duncombe whose blog is here.

I’m reading through the blog posts bit by bit, this one however directly relates to 309; consumerism, the environment, and art.  Carrotmob‘s ideas really make sense: Corporations like money, so lets make it profitable for corporations to work towards benefiting the environment.  Currently the movement is small with groups only in Europe and N. America I but pretty well organized.  I’m eager to see this ingenious idea spread.

Carrotmob Makes It Rain from carrotmob on Vimeo.

UW – Milwaukee Student Juried Show

The juried show is now up in the UWM Union Atrium space.  Don’t believe me? look there is proof:


Come by and take a look, there is some really awesome work from both UWM and MIAD students.  It will be up until September 18th!  A list of the artists is as follows:

Inessa Kotkov

Alyssa Utecht

Alex Chaney

Nick Hartley

Sara Bohman

Adam Porter

Kyle Gorenschek

Rachel Keuler

Jessica Hewitt

Erin Hilt

Christopher Jarrod Schmitz

Tim Stoelting

Joseph Bruns

Brian Zbichorski

Helen Coggin

Miranda Petroviak

Clark Stamm