Collaborative Art: I

This has been a good weekend.  Sculpture class is going pretty well, I’m drawing a lot, playing more music, and playing more video games:



Now before there are any assumtions made about the drawing above in relationship to the drawing/painting below (in regards to the artistic process) this is a collaborative image from 1.5 years ago.  Artists: Stephanie B., Nathaniel H., Sean B.


Blazing down the river

The lull reached a point where my only option was to draw.  It was a grand reception, the crowds of thousands stood motionless as the pair approached the city gates.  Flags and banners swam in the wind.  The portcullis was drawn and the reunion began.  

Forgetting my backpack I put the illuminated “menuscript” in one of my hoodie pockets calculating the physics of the winds.  We finished closing the restaurant and I sped off, anticipating the mind ripping blaze that awaited me nearby.  

My heart a furious drummer banging against my other organs.  My lungs and diaphragm heaved creating an organic mosh pit inside me.  Checking my pocked I pondered the flaw of my wind calculations.  The drawing was gone.  It was a good drawing, but perhaps this was a good thing.  I began to think of the possibilities.  Could a continual sacrifice of my linear efforts be something beautiful?

Francoise Nielly – Pallet knife painter

Francoise Nielly is a french artist who is being considered for a show at the Union Art Gallery next school year.  She has never shown in the U.S. so it would be exciting to have her here.   I love how playful yet aggressive the colors are.  The large slabs of overlapping color excites my eye.   She paints with a pallette  knife and that might explain the geometric qualities in her work.  Very planar. Dynamic.  Here is a sample of Francoise Nielly’s work:




Check out her website here.

Spring 2009 Notebook Collage

Spring 2009 was a weird semester for me.  With only one studio art class my art productivity went wayyyy down.  Some of my favorite drawings have been done in my non-art classes amidst the horizontal lines of notebooks.  I’ve decided to collage these to create a “summary” so to speak of all my doodles for the Spring 09 semester:


Playing around a little more I did a portrait of a relative (so to speak) using the collage:


I enjoy the natural color of the scanned pen and paper.  Its definitely tough balance achieve a coherent image with the chaos of layered lines.   Chaos definitely won in the first image.

Diagonal Warfare

Here are some of the latest drawings.  I was looking at past works hanging around my place and remembered a friend’s comment on the frequency of diagonals in my compositions.  I decided to play around with this some more. Diagonals after all create illusions of motion:      These are Anavasthaaesque in nature, but aren’t specificially drawn for the story.  Updates on the graphic novel are coming.